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Our Story

CatOasis is a new home-based business dedicated to improving the life of your indoor cats by providing them a custom designed and built outdoor enclosure, accessible from inside your home. Here is how CatOasis came to be.

Dexter & Daisy looking out
We recently adopted two kittens from the Calgary Humane Society and while we firmly believe in keeping cats indoors for thier health and saftey, we also wanted them to experience some of the richness of the world outside. So, we started looking around for an outdoor enclosure we could purchase or have built. Mostly what we found in our search amounted to either sterile cages or very small, cheaply made 'cat walks' and in Calgary, we found nothing.

We have been cat owners for over 20 years and very genuinely love and care for our feline friends and family members. Sure, a big cage or a small collapsable 'cat walk' would get our cats outside, but we questioned the extent of the enrhichment these would provide our pets. No enclosure of any kind will ever match the experienc a free-roaming outdoor cat gets of course, but we wanted the best we could provide and afford and just didn't see that in the cages and walks available to us.

Our research did however provide us numerous good examples of enclosures people have built around the world and those gave us the inspiration to design and build our own. The result is the first CatOasis Enclosure, 'Ripley Manor' (plans for this are availble for free download on this site). For us, Ripley Manor is an interim step. Our ultimate goal is a larger enclosure in an under-utilzed area of our backyard. This area has grass, bushes and trees; evrerything a cat would want, expcept birds of course. Ripley Manor will be connected via tunnels to this area and is itself intended only for quick winter outings for the cats.

Summer however was coming to a rapid end and we wanted to give Dexter and Daisy some outside access while the weather was warm, so we built Ripley Manor first with plans to build the larger one in the Spring and connect the two.

For the cats, well that's a different matter; they just love the Manor! The excitement they had when first let into it was just amazing to see! Naturally, the excitement has died down quite a bit but the Manor has now become a part of thier daily routine. We open it in the morning and after breakfast they go out to see the world and get some morning air. Later, after thier afternoon nap they go in and out for an hour our so to watch the squirrels, any birds daring enough to stop by and to bat-around a few autum leaves. They seem to especially enjoy being out in the evening after dark and routinely do so now. We close off access at bed-time and it seems to be a clue to them also that it's time to settle in for the night. For Dexter and Daisy, Ripley Manor is heaven.

I can't wait to see what they think of the larger grassy enclosure next summer.

When we saw how happy the Manor made the cats and how much it's now a part of thier daily lives we began to think we should provide this to other cats too. CatOasis was born. We want others, people and cats, to reap the benefits of an outdoor cat enclosure and we truly are dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of as many cats as possible.

The information in the links above describe the services and offerings we have for Custom designed and DIY enclosures but if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, Contact Us, we're here to help.