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The Belfry

The Belfry showcases a two tier bell tower and has a total of nine levels for your cats to laze the day away on. The ground area is 54 square feet, has a planter and room for two or three adults to sit and join in the fun at playtime.

With its small (6'x10') footprint we think the Belfry is ideal for almost any backyard space. Contact Us if you'd like to have one built for your cats or have any questions at all.

The Belfry features:
  1. A small footprint.
  2. Nine levels for the cats, including the ground
  3. A built in planter for your favourite cat plants
  4. An optional concealed litterbox built into the planter with cleaning access from the outside
  5. An easy access 6 foot door for people and mowers
  6. Generous space for up to 7 cats.
  7. An optional bulit in port for Oais Tunnel or Gateway Connectors
  8. A two-tier bell tower for the cats to purch in

Ripley Manor

We built this enclosure for our new kittens, Dexter and Daisy and they are just loving it! It's made from wood and can easily be moved away from the house for maintenance and other access. It's constructed primarily from inexpensive boards and plywood and cat access is via a lockable, swinging pet door installed in the window screen.

Plans for Ripley Manor are FREE. Ripley Manor Plans   

Oasis Straight Connector

Pictured below is the Oasis Straight Connector tunnel. It is a modular non-custom piece, available in lengths up to 6ft, designed to seamlessly connect to other straight connectors or the Oasis Connector Gateway

Using just straight and gateway connectors a tunnel system can be designed for almost any yard or environment with only minimal custom pieces required.

The Straight Connector features:
  1. A simple prefab design that comes apart quickly for easy storage.
  2. Fully vented Plexi-glass side and top panels.
  3. Guillotine door slots in the tops of the frame end pieces. Slide in Oasis Guillotine Doors (available seperatly) to close off the tunnel to your pets. Or, slide one on each end to trap and retrieve that stubborn kitty that just won't come in!
  4. A lay-in, floating bottom plank. The tunnel is designed to use the plank, or the ground as the bottom. Use the plank to span garden beds or other areas you don't want your kitty in.

Oasis Connector Gateway

We have been working on our cat tunnel systems and thought we'd share a couple of early images of the new Oasis Connector Gateway. It is a modular non-custom piece designed to seamlessly connect to other connectors or gateways and can be stacked to raise or lower a tunnel system.

Using just straight and gateway connectors a tunnel system can be designed for almost any yard or environment with only minimal custom pieces required.

Tunnel System with Gateways
Tunnels shown with plexiglass sides; Gateways shown stacked and uncovered

The Oasis Gateway Connector features:

  1. Seemless connections with our Oasis Straight Connector.
  2. Slots that allow easy configuration using Oasis Guillotine Doors. Make a right or left turn in the tunnel by slotting in doors to close off the other avenues.
  3. A stackable design. Stack two gateways to raise or lower the tunnel system to travers garden obstacles, protect plants or go from the deck to the ground.
  4. A small footprint for easy storage during the winter months or other times you don't want the tunnels on display.
  5. Vented slide-in Plexi-glass sides. (or they can be covered in hardware mesh or netting)

Contact Us and let us know what you think.