New Enclosure!

Nov 12: Check out the new CatOasis Belfry. Its got a two level Bell Tower for your cats to purch in but isn't that large at only 6 by 10 feet.

Its perfect for almost any backyard!


Nov 6: Check out our Connectors. Our goal is to use Connectors with custom design to produce custom, affordable solutions for you and your pets.

Our Site

Nov 6: Our look has changed, take a moment to update any bookmarks you have and enjoy the site.

Free Plans

Nov 6: Did you know... the plan forRipley Manor is FREE.

Gallery Views

Nov 6: Some of the images are thumb-strips and expand into larger gallery views. Try some in the Gallery section.

Did you know...

Many common plants are toxic to cats, Baby's Breath and Holly for example. Check out the ASPCA animal poison control center for lists of plants that are toxic to your pets.

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