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Custom Services

If you're thinking of getting a custom designed cat enclosure you've come to the right place. Contact Us and we'll arrange to come meet you and your cats for an initial one hour consultation at no cost or obligation to you.

During the free consultation time we can discuss your ideas; answer any of your questions; view the space you have for the enclosure; discuss your budget expectations and meet your pets (one of our favourite parts).

Should you decide to proceed past the initial free consulatation we'll enter the paid-for phases beginning with desgn. Design is a multi-step process (described in detail under the Design Process tab) that you are involved in all along the way. We meet, do initial modelling, meet again, do revised modelling and an initial construction cost evaluation to ensure the design can be built within your budget. Near the end of the design you review and sign-off on a to-scale 3D model of your new cat enclosure.

Once the final model is signed-off we will prepare a final estimate for construction and create dimensioned plans to build from. Your sign-off at this step ends the formal design process and phase.

From here you have two options. You can accept the construction estimate and engage us in our next phase, construction of the enclosure, or take the models and plans as is to engage outside construction resources for the build.

Should you decide at a later date to re-engage us for construction, no problem. Depending on how much time has past we will produce (at no cost to you) a revised construction estimate for your approval and sign-off prior to the build.

At CatOasis, we want to work with you to provide your pets an enclosure we can all be proud of so don't hesitate to Contact Us for a free in-home initial consultation. We can accomodate almost any budget, small or large, so Contact Us today!

Our Design Process

At CatOasis design is a critical and indespensible phase. As a client we seek out and encourage your active particpation in the design process so your vision is realized in the final product.

We want you to be fully informed at all times and to aide in this we use modelling software to create your enclosure in three dimensions. This allows you to see the enclosure from all angles which really helps you to visualize what the final product will look like well before any construction takes place.

To help 'see' the final product we can also, as an optional add-on to the modelling, use our reference photos of the area your enclosure is to be placed along with the model itself to render photo-realisitc two dimensional images of both together. You can see what the enclosure will look like in your yard!

Our design phase is a multi-step iterative process that includes the items outlined below.
  1. Initial Consultation: We meet you to discuss the specifics of what is envisioned(such as size, placement, cat access, shape, interior components, etc.) and take measurements and reference photos of the placement area.
  2. Rough Modelling: Using the notes and photos from the Initial Consultation we produce a rough model of the enclosure. A rough model is fully dimensioned but not yet suitable to create drawings from.
  3. Second Consultation: We meet you to review the rough model and discuss any changes or aditions needed.
  4. Revision of Rough Model: We redo the rough model based on the feed back from the Second Consultation.
  5. Third Consultation: We meet again to review the changes or additions now reflected in the second rough model.
  6. Final Modelling: We take the approved rough model and create a new, component based final model suitable creating the dimensioned drawings from.
  7. Design Sign-off: We meet to review the final model and obtain your sign-off on it.
Our design price includes two rough modelling steps with a revison step in between, as outlined above. The third consultation step is also an opportunity for you as a client to request additional revisions for an added cost. With your active participation in the first two steps though we feel two will be sufficient in most cases.

After the design is approved and signed-off we use the models to create dimensioned drawings of the enclosure and produce a final construction estimate for the build.

DIY Information

At this point in our history CatOasis is primarily focused on providing custom designed and built cat enclosures. Still, to the extent our main business allows, we do want to support and encourage Do it Yourselfers to provide cat enclosures for their pets. The information here outlines some of our plans to provide this encouragement and support.

  1. To help reduce the costs for our custom service clients we will be designing and building some reusable components for them to choose from. For example, our CatOasis Connector Tunnels will for many custom clients be 'off the shelf' components. Other examples are interior components such as our cat houses and scratching systems; exterior entrance doors and frames for humans; and enclosure gateways used to to provide access to the tunnels for the cats.

    We will, in the near future, make some of these components availbe for purchase for DIY clients to incorporate into thier designs.

  2. We are also hard at work producing non-commissioned CatOasis enclosure designs and plans. We will occasionally provide a plan for free on this site (like Ripley Manor) and others we'll offer for a nominal charge.
  3. If you're considering building your own cat enclosure but are uncertain about how, or materials to use, where to find them, or whatever, then advice is another area we may be able to help you with. You can engage us on an hourly basis to consult with you about your needs. We don't think most people would require more than one hour in total to get their questions answered but if it takes two in total, the second one is on us! If you want more than two hours we can talk about a package rate, depending on how much more.
  4. Finally, don't under-estimate the value you can get from modelling your plans prior to building. It will save you time in the end; help you figure out your material costs; and bring to your attention any 'gotchas' you may otherwise have to deal with during your build. If you don't know how to model and don't want to learn, consider CatOasis for one on one tutorials for Sketchup beginners or engage us to produce a model from your dimensioned paper plans.
CatOasis is here to help and contacting us doesn't cost you anything so don't hesitate, get in touch today.